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Create your first Indent-n-a-Minute We will modify the look of your Indent the way you want it Multi-Currency enabled Multi-Branch / Multi-Company / Multi-Division enabled You can have 1 million products on a Single Indent You can have Commissions assigned per product on a Single Indent You can have Un-limited L/C’s per Indent You can have Un-limited Part Shipments Per L/C You can Track the status of Each Open L/C You can Track the status of Each Part Shipment so you can claim your Commission on that shipment You can choose to have an Automated Indent Number or continue with your Manual numbering style Indents and Debit Notes can be Entered, Modified, Viewed, Deleted and Printed by two different people or two different departments All Indent & Debit Note Transactions are password protected You can claim Commission using Multi-Currency methods Built-In info available for you to Point-n-click for Ports, Shipping Instructions, Payment Terms, Insurance Terms and miscellaneous terms and conditions Take Orders and Communicate with your Principals Confidently Search, Select and Negotiate with Suppliers on a few Mouse Clicks Manage Negotiations On a Single Mouse click Send an Up-to-date Business Development Follow-up report to your Suppliers Debit Note creation is a few mouse clicks away

Valid From : 12-September-2014

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