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Entrance Steel Door

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EXCLUSIVE STEEL DOORS : high quality steel door of each weighing minimum 65 kg with frame with wooden finish and looks. There are variety of products available so for more detail plz contacts us or else. Features: 1) Material: cold-rolled steel 2) Thickness of the door leaf: 5cm7cm10cm 3) Frame outer sizes (H x W): a) 2,050 x 960mm b) 2,050 x 860mm c) 1,970 x 860mm d) 1,970 x 960mm 4) Accessories: adjustable reinforced hinges, specialty multi-point lock, handles, peephole, hidden doorbell, rubber seal and magnetic seal, doorbell, installing bolts, stainless steel threshold 5) Infilling: honeycomb material 6) Opening direction: inward outward 7) Opening degree: 90 degrees, 180 degrees 8) Lock handle position: on left on right 9) Colors: diversified colors available 10) Applicable for the entrance of houses or flats 11) Can also be used as room door 12) Suitable for different wall thickness 13) Shockproof, soundproof, warmth preserved, anti-pry, anti-drill, moisture proof, guards against theft 14) Environmentally friendly 15) Bright, lustrous and durable appearance 16) OEM service available

Valid From : 18-August-2015

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