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we are planing to start the corrugated box unit in chennai, we need quote for the below machine S.No Particulars size 1 High speed oblique type single face bearing mounted paper corrugation machine 52\''\'' 2 heavy duty automatic online corrugation sheet cutting machine 54\''\'' 3 Heavy Duty Pasting Machine 85\''\'' 4 Sheet Pressing machine 60X75 5 Four Bar Rotary Creasing & Cutting Machine 85\''\'' 6 Eccentric Slotter Machine 85\''\'' 7 Box Stitching Machine 42X52 8 Box Stitcher Angular/ Straight machine 36 9 Single Colour FlexoGraphic Printing Machine 52X72 10 Die punching ,Cutting , Embossing & creasing Machine 32X42 11 Thin Blade cutting and creasing machine 12 Chain feed single colour flexo printer & Slotter machine

Valid From : 28-March-2014

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